Water Filter Reviews of Different Water Filtration Systems

Water contains dirt, contaminants, minerals, and chemicals that make it taste and smell bad. Unwanted substances present in drinking water can be dangerous to health. Also, water contains bacteria and microbes that can cause serious health illness. Therefore, it is necessary to own a water filter to get rid of these unwanted substances and also to enjoy pure, better smelling and tasting water all the day. This is where water filter reviews come into place to help us choose the best water filter according to our need.

A popular brand of water filter that Is A Water Filter?

To simply put, the water filter is nothing but a filter that removes impurities, contaminants and other harmful substances from the water supply. Water filter eliminate contaminants with the help of a fine physical-barrier, biological process or chemical process. Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet treatment, carbon filtration and distillation are some of the most common water filtration methods.

Benefits of Water Filters

Types of Water Filters

Before you buy a water filter, it is essential to know which type is suitable for you by checking the latest reviews. There are many types of water filters available in the market, and some of them are discussed below.

Countertop Filters

Countertop filter types are used to filter large quantity of water without needing to alter the plumbing. They are easier to install and also less likely to clog-up when compared to dispensers or pitchers. The manufacturers of countertop filters offer this product at various costs based on the method of purification. The major disadvantage is that they do not fit well with specific types of faucets. However, these are the most popular filter models on the market nowadays.

Dispensers or Pitchers

Water pitchers or dispensers are the most affordable and simple to use of all water filter types. Water pitches holds about 6-12 cups of water, whereas large water-dispensers hold 18-20 cups of water and also possess a spigot for easy pouring of water. Though are simple to use, the major drawbacks of this type of water filter are that it the filters needs to change and also only a limited quantity of water frequently can be purified.

Some common brands are Brita water filter, Zero Water filter, and Pur water filters. They are even offered in different colors and sizes, like the Brita water pitcher, depending on your needs and preferences.

Faucet Mounted Filters

These types of filters are relatively simple to install and use. The aerator is taken out, and the filter is directly attached to the faucet. These are convenient to the majority of households, and also they generate the large quantity of pure water. The advantage is that these filters utilize multi-filter system to eliminate contaminants effectively. However, from consumer reviews, these filters are prone to leaking, breaking and rarely clogging issues.

Under Sink Filters


These types of filters are helpful to produce the large quantity of drinking water without cluttering the countertop. Therefore, this particular type of filters gains an additional point from the aesthetic point of view. These filters are mostly installed with the help a plumber. One more advantage of under sink filters is that the replacement-filters function for a long time than faucet-mounted filters.


Of all the filter types, whole house water filters are the most simple and convenient water filter type. It can be directly installed to the main water-line. It removes contaminants and purifies all water in the house. Also, it eliminates bad taste and odors from the water. The majority of the whole house water filters use reverse osmosis technology to produce healthy and pure drinking water. The whole house water filter system can be installed only with professionals. The major advantage is that the filters need to be changed only after 3-5 years after installation.

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