A guide to installing water softeners

Even though there are many forms of water heaters, installing the salt-based water heater is the most difficult. But here you would see how installing water softener is simplified. It is the common water softener too, so it is a good idea to learn how to install it. It isn’t cheap to hire a plumber to do it for you, and this guide will assist you to install a salt-based water softening system at your home. It is the most complicated to install so, please follow these instructions step by step, and you won’t be confused.


Before you attach the system to your plumbing, you need a few things:

  • Turn off your water from the main
  • Turn off your water heater or any other appliance connected to your plumbing
  • Turn on all your water outlets (faucets, hoses) to drain all the water from the pipes


Before you proceed, please read the full instruction manual on installing water softeners. Some specific instructions need to be followed.

  • Set the tank and the ion exchange chamber next to each other in level dry surface
  • Install the discharge tube following the instruction manual
  • Install the bypass valve on the softeners head valve
  • Screw the stainless steel clamp and seat the valve.


After you are done setting up the water softener, you are ready to connect it.

  • Using a measuring tape measure the distance between the water softener and the cold water main
  • Cut a copper tube of the same length
  • Attach the discharge tube to a drain
  • Overflow tube is attached to the side of your water softener, run it
  • Connect the water supply with the bypass valve in your water softener using a wrench making sure they are not wound too tight
  • Use steel wool to scrub the copper pipes that were cut; this will help with the soldering
  • Use a propane torch for soldering on the pipe which will connect your water softener with the water supply line


Now that everything is connected, you need to reinitiate the water flow and make sure the water flows properly. Follow the given instructions.

  • Turn your water back on
  • Turn your water heater back on
  • Plug in the control valve
  • Pour in 4 gallons of water in the brine tank
  • Add forty pounds of sodium chloride, or if specified by the manufacturer potassium chloride into the brine tank
  • Put the water softener in backwash position
  • Turn the bypass valve back into the service position
  • Turn the water supply valve 90 degrees which will let oxygen into the drain line
  • Turn the water supply valve all the way through, keep it so until there is a continuous flow through the drain
  • Make the water softener run through its entire backwash cycle
  • Check the system for leaks

If you follow these simple steps, you should have your water softener installed properly.

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