Best Water Filter Pitchers 2018 Reviews

A lot of individuals are moving away from buying plastic bottled water and switching to water filter pitchers instead. Since bottled water is not only expensive but bad for the environment, making the switch should seem a no-brainer.

Out of all the water filter appliances on the market today, water filter pitchers and dispensers are by far the cheapest. They’re extremely simple to use and allow you to get cold, fresh water whenever you need it. It’s even portable, so it’s perfect for camping or when using the RV. The best part is you don’t need to install anything so you can get clean and healthy drinking water in no time at all.

Water Filter Pitcher and Dispenser Reviews

Below we have reviewed the top 3 best water filter pitchers to help you find the right one to fit your needs. Simply read each review and decide which model has the right features you’re looking for. Take into account your water usage and what minerals and impurities you want to be removed when making a decision.



Our Rating

Brita 10-Cup Everyday

Brita 10-Cup Everyday

  • Large Water Pitcher
  • Cleaner and great tasting
  • Reduce Waste
ZeroWater 23 Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System

ZeroWater 23 Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System

  • Removes 99.6% of all dissolved solids
  • Free Water Quality Meter included testing water
  • One-handed push and pour spout


  • Removes 96% of Mercury and 95% of certain Industrial Pollutants
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor and more
  • Large 18 cup capacity

1. Brita 10-Cup Everyday

Save up to 300 bottles of water per filter by using the Brita Everyday Water Pitcher. With the average price of Brita filter costing around 5 dollars, this is huge savings. Where I live, this is the price you would expect to see for a 36-pack of bottled water. At a savings of around $35 as well as many annoying trips to the store, you can start to see why this is a good purchase.

​Besides just saving you money and being eco-friendly, the Brita Everyday water pitcher reduces copper, mercury, zinc, cadmium, as well as chlorine taste and odor. By filtering these minerals out, you will notice a vast difference in the quality of your water. Not only will water taste better, but it will also be much healthier as well.

Since this water filter pitcher holds a volume of 10 cups, it’s the perfect size for most families and offices. It fits perfectly in the door of most refrigerators and is BPA-free as well. By using a sticker filter indicator, you can easily track when to change the advanced filter. Replacing the filter is extremely easy and leaves no black specks in the water, unlike older models. Filters need to be changed approximately every two months or every 40 gallons.

2. ZeroWater 23 Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System

By utilizing a 5-stage filtration system, you can expect pure and great tasting water from this ZeroWater 23 cup water dispenser. So pure in fact that you receive a “000” reading on the included TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water testing meter. This is something that couldn’t be said about the conventional two-stage carbon filters you normally see in water filter pitchers.

​This 5-stage ion exchange system works so well in fact that the Water Quality Association recognized ZeroWater’s dual ion exchange filtration pitchers and dispensers and the first and only to receive the NSF International’s certification. They received this reward for being able to reduce and remove copper, iron, zinc, lead, aluminum, mercury, chlorine, Hexavalent Chromium and hydrogen sulfide in tap water. By combining their activated carbon and dual ion exchange technologies, their filtration system can also virtually eliminate all dissolved solids in tap water which makes it the only model to meet the requirement from the FDA for TDS in purified bottled water.​

Besides just providing pure and great tasting water, the ZeroWater 23 cup water dispenser and filtration system is also extremely easy-to-use and refill as well. By simply lifting up the flip-up lid you can pour water over the top without ever even taking it out of the fridge. All you have to do then is press the push-button spout, and you can easily get fresh water. Connected to the spout is laboratory grade TDS water testing meter. I find this feature extremely useful but be warned it does require two 1.5-volt button cell batteries to operate; luckily these do come included. By using this TDS meter, you can be positive that there are no dissolved solids in your water which can negatively affect the taste. Once the number goes up from “000”, you will know it’s time to change the filter.

While most large pitchers take up a lot of space in the fridge, there will be no worry when it comes to this model. By having a sleek and compact design, it takes up a lot less room than you think. The only complaint I have is if you live in an area where your water has a high TDS you will need to replace filters frequently which can get a little expensive. To find out what the TDS reading is of the water in your area you have to visit their website. If you do happen to live in an area with a TDS of over 300 you can expect a short lifespan for your filter.

3. PUR 18 Cup Dispenser

PUR has its special way of blending carbon and ion exchange materials to reduce contaminants in the water dramatically. This unique combination is known as their very own MAXION filter technology which produces clean and great tasting water. It’s so effective it removes 95% of mercury, 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals, and chlorine along with its taste and odor.

The reason PUR’s activated carbon filters work so well is that they are made from coconut shells which are heat treated with steam. This forms tiny pores in every grain of carbon which creates lots of areas for contaminants to get stuck in. This is an effective way of filtering that produces clean and healthy drinking water.

PUR made it one of their top priorities to make refilling the water filter dispenser easy with this model. To do so, they made sure it could easily fit in a sink and even included a special fill-tray design. The filled tray works by distributing the weight, so it’s not only easy to fill but carry as well. With the space-saving design, you will also save lots of room in your fridge.

If you ever notice that the filtering speed slows down dramatically just simply soak the filter in cold water for 10 minutes. Not sure exactly how it works but it speeds up the filtering process and allows you to wait a little longer before having to change the filter. Other consumer reviews mention tapping or shaking the pitcher to get a similar effect.

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